Early Learning program

Pre-Kindergarten - Year 2


At Serpentine Jarrahdale Grammar School we believe that children in the early formative years need a balance of child-initiated play with focused experiential learning opportunities led by teachers.

Teachers seek to provide a balanced learning environment, encouraging children to initiate play activities that explore purposeful engaged learning while also providing rich, teacher directed playful experiences.

The program aims to provide learning models which balance child and teacher initiated activities. This includes the use of explicit teaching as appropriate which research demonstrates as being an essential component of high quality play-based programs.

"Play isn't the enemy of learning; it's learning's partner. Play is like fertiliser for brain growth. It's crazy not to use it." Stuart Brown, M.D. (2010)

Creative minds

As children progress through the learning stages from pre-kindergarten to year 2, there is an increasing academic focus on developing literacy and numeracy skills. While these will become more heavily focused, the context of student enquiry and "curious investigation" will still motivate many of these activities as the creative minds are encouraged to continue to develop.

Small classes

At Serpentine Jarrahdale Grammar School we aim to keep our classes at a size that allows the teachers the time and opportunity to get to know each child individually and assist our students to become comfortable as part of our wider school community.

"It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connection between them." - Leo F. Buscaglia


Learning in years 1 and 2 is built on the foundations established in pre-kindergarten and pre-primary. Emphasis is placed on students becoming users of their own writing and reading to develop literacy, supported by a commitment to assisting them on their own individual learning journey. At this stage children start to become aware of things beyond their own experience and take an interest in community, developing friendships and caring for those around them. Our inquiry learning model, covering Science, History, Geography, Health, Art and Technology supports these growing interests. Language skills are used and developed in connection with these themes. This makes the learning more integrated, realistic and interesting for students.

Outside the classroom

The pre-kindergarten and pre-primary children have access to a stimulating natural environment in which to play, explore and conduct their enquiries. This playscape offers natural loose parts such as sand, water, rocks, leaves in a natural setting, providing a classroom full of teachable moments, creative play opportunities and awe inspiring moments. This area is fenced off from the rest of the School, adjacent to the oval, and has an open ow from the internal learning areas to the outside. The year 1 and 2 children have access to the Junior School play and shade areas and share the play equipment used by the year 3 and 4 children. Serpentine Jarrahdale Grammar School is fortunate to be located in a natural rural environment that it is a focus throughout the schooling years and one that we seek to constantly embrace. It is important this is retained as a part of the school ethos as urban areas encroach further in the coming years.

Play is the highest form of research - Albert Einstein


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